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Green Stage Machinery Ltd is a new company, formed recently to introduce its new and innovative GREEN-GEAR range of products into the marketplace.

The company’s concept is to introduce new products into the North American market based upon European concepts and innovative ideas.

Our sister company, Moles UK (Canada) Limited has been active in Asia providing a wide range of products and services to companies based in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam since 2006.

Green Stage Machinery Ltd applies great emphasis in providing Quality Engineered Products at a competitive price.

The Company’s Mission is to be recognized, not only for the quality of its products, but also for its innovative and progressive design concepts and ideas.

With over 40 years of experience in the design of Stage Machinery and Rigging Equipment, GREEN STAGE MACHINERY LTD takes great pride in its ability to provide superior engineered products and innovative solutions to suit the ever evolving needs of the Entertainment Industry.

In addition to the GREEN-GEAR range of quality engineered products, GREEN STAGE MACHINERY LTD also offers professional stage rigging support services to Theatre Consultants, Architects and Engineers.

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