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Green Stage Machinery Ltd is committed to environmental sustainability and works to encourage and promote re-use, recycling and resource efficiency.

Green Stage Machinery Ltd ensures the delivery of quality of services providing information, support and satisfying our customers whilst continuing to protect the highest environmental and professional standard.

We are firmly committed to providing outstanding customer service and value along with the expertise and resources required to deal with customer demands.

We aim to reduce negative impacts on the environment and work towards positive impacts using energy and natural resources more efficiently and take all necessary steps to prevent pollution.  We identify and comply with all applicable legislation including environmental, health and safety and other requirements including recognised industry best practice.

Working in conjunction with our suppliers and customers we are committed to continually improving our environmental performance by controlling and managing all operational activities and products ensuring that risks to employees the general public and the environment are identified and actions are taken to minimise and eliminate their effects, while maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

Green Stage Machinery Ltd will continue to work towards and review environmental Objectives and Targets to:-

  • Prevent pollution

  • Reduce energy use

  • Increase material for recycling

  • Reduce waste where possible

  • Recover, Re-use and recycle materials where practical


As President of the company I am fully committed to the implementation of this policy.

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