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Green-Gear products represent the standard products of the company. New products are added on a regular basis.

However, we are often engaged to design, supply, manufacture and install a wide range of theatre systems.

One of our most recent projects was for the King's Christian Collegiate in Oakville.


Our company was retained to Consult, Design, Manufacture and Install the Motorized Thrust Stage, Motorized Sound Door Partition and Zero Fleet Curtain Machines.

Zero Fleet Curtain Drives

Zero Fleet Curtain Drives

designed for a 500 lb Line Pull at 40 F.P.M. with 150 ft of travel.

Motorized Thrust Stage

Motorized Thrust Stage

25 feet wide x 20 feet deep x 12" high. Extends 20 feet in one minute.

Motorized Sound Door

Motorized Sound Door. Probably the largest floor supported Sound Door in North America.

36 feet wide x 18 feet High 

Overall Weight of 8 Tons designed to travel 60 feet Offstage in 6 minutes.

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